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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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season. and incredible ride. >> no crowd is as good as oprah's crowd. >> they go nuts. >> best cutaways you can ever see. people going, thank you, oprah. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more from abc news, later on "good morning america" live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this tuesday, the final stretch. we are hours away from the polls opening for the major primary day in the district and maryland. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am greta kreuz. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we start with adam caskey. another gorgeous day on tap. >> a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. average for this time of year.
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4:30 and 60 degrees and winds and, 54 incumbents, 61 in fredericksburg, 61 in waldorf. -not as cool as the past couple morning's. 68 degrees in the district. 82 degrees for a high- temperature, mostly sunny. a little breezy. northwesterly winds at 10-20 with higher gusts. tomorrow will be similar. high temperatures nadean with a lot of sunshine. we are looking at a fairly dry workweek. we could use some showers. now lisa baden. not much happening. there are a couple of work zones, but nothing that will cause you a lot of time. no major accidents. looking good to the airports. all clear. 270 at father hurley boulevard
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is a good example. sali on 270 through germantown to give to dave norrisvdavidsbes good. route 50 across the bay bridge looks fine. looks good on the beltway near andrews air force base. back to you. >> thank you. it is primary day. d.c. voters cast their ballots today in the race for mayor. >> the race has been marked by scandal. the polls open in two and a half hours. pamela brown is live in southeast. >> good morning. both top candidates for d.c. mayor will be crisscrossing the city. locals open at 7:00 this morning. vincent gray will get on the center on alabama avenue. he's expected to make a stop and go to several other polling centers before the close at 8:30 tonight.
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adrian fenty will be on 13th street in northwest. he will make several stops as well. both candidates have been giving one last bid to get out the vote. vincent gray has been leading. some of his supporters say that he is an electable guy. adrian fenty has been pushing his track record of accomplishment to voters over the past four years. the pope's that -- he is hoping that will help them prevail. back to you. >> thank you. besides the mayor's race, d.c. voters will choose candidates for council chair and and at large council seat. council seats ford's 1, 3, 5, 6. -- wards. incumbent democrat martin o'malley is expected to get his party's nomination in maryland
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and he would replace bob ehrlich. monday he received an endorsement from the arizona senator john mccain and attorney brian murphy has the support of sarah palin. race for prince george's county executive will take center stage today. baker and jackson are vying for the democratic nomination. voters in maryland and d.c. are not the only ones going to the polls today. it is primary day in del weir, mass., galanter, n.y., and, and wisconsin. those voters will vote in a number of key races. two traffic issues for people using public transit. the midline is under the microscope after the wheaton station shut down during the monday rush hour or off in the evening. kollar issues with the elevators
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and escalators of a problem -- power issues. >> it was a metro operator who gave the spurs and the message. -- gave him the message. >> they told us the escalator was electrified. , so they were told to get back on the train and and they got on the shuttle bus at the fort glenn station and then whent back to wheaton. there was confusion, a lot of unanswered questions. >> no one ever told me why i was on the shuttle or what wheaton was closed. >> the station reopened shortly after 9:00 with one elevator and
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escalator still a lot of service. some bus drivers and prince george's county are on strike, leaving thousands stranded. the strike began yesterday. the main issues is driver safety violation, how they are handled. the company hopes to have a lot of replacement drivers on the roads today. still to come, the final season, oprah's yearlong celebration kicks off in a. a murder mystery stretching from the commonwealth to south florida. not a bad day to wait in line at a collection center. right back
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welcome back. tuesday morning, for checkebagge check on traffic and weather. >> the weather always affects the turnout to the polls. >> it is not as cool in the past couple mornings, but still comfortable. high temperatures will be similar to yesterday, just a couple degrees cooler. you will not feel much of a difference. it is 60 indire burke.
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67 in winchester. still in the '60s in some outlying areas. not much happening in terms of cloud cover right now. high, thin clouds moving off to the northwest. there will be dry patches. 82 is the high temperature today, becoming breezy. northwesterly wind at 10-20 with higher gusts. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, near 80 degrees, average for this time of year. on thursday, mid 80's. thursday night into early friday there could be a few isolated areas of light rain. now to lisa baden. the accident in waldorf is gone now. headed to andrews air force base on route 5, looks good. 295 and 295 looks good in
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baltimore. let's look at maryland. let's go to the beltway at the american legion bridge. to and from tysons looks good, looks good in bethesda, looks nice on 270. 65 degrees. >> coming up, colorado contains two massive wildfires. we will learn what sparked the fires. the exit is a loss. >> family and friends are
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good morning. tuesday morning. today's primary day in maryland and in the district. in d.c., the consensus mayors race between adrian fenty and vincent gray will come to an end. voters will choose candidates for several city offices. maryland voters will decide the governor and other state, county, and the local offices. metro will look at reports that passengers ended up on an electrified escalator at the wheaton station. a train operator did not know the station was closed because of mechanical problem and that the escalators and elevators were shut down. igor is still powerful storm
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during the hurricane has a maximum sustained wind of 140 miles an hour. we don't know if it will threaten land yet. there's a murder mystery. from here all of a to south florida. a businessman of lived in northern virginia, but was found dead in an optional beach, florida. cynne simpson escalated on the investigation. >> his alexandria neighbors are devastated. >> it is a loss. it is shocking. >> they describe him as a family man who would bring cookies at christmas and always had a kind word. >> we always would speak at the mailbox. >> he did not come off as the kind of person anyone would have an antagonistic relationship with. >> that is what makes his murder of a mystery. broward county sherriff's found him dead inside his vacation home in ponte pernell beach sunday night.
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they went to do a welfare check after an out-of-town woman caller to say that she had not heard from him. >> he was clearly a very well- liked person. >> the businessman was president and ceo of a communications and strategy company based in alexandria. he was also a talented performer and spent more than a decade during the world with his band. >> we have seen pictures of human bono, uncommon, the rolling stones. >> the neighbors said he was down to earth, sharing his success with friends and the alexandria community. >> he was a good person and a good businessman will get back to the community. >> cynne simpson reporting. a springfield man is charged with murdering his neighbor after a dispute over speedball. court documents charged that on sunday night david pateton
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died of the man and his girlfriend and fatally shot him as he tried to escape. neighbors say the men wear at odds because karr lobbied and got a speedball put it right in front of his pals. >> montgomery county police need your help finding a would- be thief with an unusual message. detectives released these four objectives of the subject late last night. they say the suspect used a crowbar to pry open a bank of america machine in wheaton. it did not work. the man fled, but they would like to find him. looking at the deadheads, president obama goes to philadelphia to deliver his second back-to-school speech. the president will tell the nation's students than nothing is beyond their reach if they are willing to work hard and focus on their education. the president wants congress to approve tax cuts to help the economy. mr. obama wants tax cuts to help
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small businesses. he also wants to extend the bush tax cuts, but not for people making more than $250,000 a year. republicans want to extend the tax cuts for every one. >> we are still in this wrestling match with john boehner and mcconnell about the last two%-3%. >> the tax hike this administration is proposing would apply to have of all small business income in this country. >> the nonpartisan congressional budget office says if the bush tax cuts are extended, economic growth could nearly double in the next year. as bp continues drilling a relief well in the gulf, for a disturbing discovery under water. researchers found new patches of oral at the bottom of the sea. some of the patches are two inches thick. scientists are testing to see if it's from the oil well that ruptured six months ago.
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pacific gas and electric in california setting up a $100 million refund for people affected by last week's natural gas explosion near san francisco. residents could get up to $50,000 per gosnold until they get back on their feet. 50 homes were destroyed and four people were killed. in cottle, 47 identify the causes of the dadullah major wildfires. -- in colorado, officials have identified the cause of two major wildfires. embers in a fire pit caused the one in boulder. it destroyed 156 houses. 65 degrees. coming up, oprah winfrey is back for one last season. she got things started with a surprise of a lifetime former studio audience. another check on traffic and
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weather every ten minutes first. thanks for watching. captioned by the national captioning institute national captioning institute
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welcome back on this early tuesday morning. glad you are joining us. let's get to traffic and
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weather. let's let's check in with adam caskey. it is primary day elections. >> not a bad morning outside. not quite as comfortably cool as the past zero mornings, but not bad. very low humidity. it is pleasant. 65 in arlington. 61 in la62 in warrenton. 85 was a high temperature yesterday. the average high for today is 80 degrees. if the record is 94, set in 1981. there are few scattered clouds in the skies right now. more off to the north and west. mostly sunny today. a few high, thin clouds are possible today. 82 is a high temperature. a little breezy as the cold front drops in a northwesterly at 10-20, gusting up to 25.
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in the 50's tonight. any issues? there was a crash in waldorf that is gone. overnight construction will be gone by the time you get there. a quick spin into southern maryland. a nice trip on route 4, 5, and good on 95 and the baltimore washington parkway between thurgood marshall airports and the beltway. southbound on 270 is where we usually see actions starting. moving frederick into montgomery county looks good. looks good on the green light. route 7 looks quiet into tysons. 66 and 95, traffic will heat up so on. it's quiet in springfield. north and south on 95 in the camera. back to you. >> thank you. outside, 65 degrees. >> we will be
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what a shot by louis on killer. >> things never seem to change with baltimore. ray lewis and the ravens defensive unit outlasted the new york jets last night. the new meadowlands stadium that they are sharing with the new york giants. the ravens 110-9. it is oprah winfrey's 25th
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anniversary and final season. >> she started off with a big bang with one of for a great trade marks, a giveaway. now the highlights. >> it was the beginning of the end. the premiere episode of the final season, oprah gave 300 audience members and over the doctor down under. >> you are going to australia!. >> a d.c. resident was in the studio audience. >> it was under my chair. i went through half a box of tissues. >> there were several guests including john travolta. but you of our favorite guests according to the vote. >> there will never be another one like you. >> the show paid homage to the first broadcast 25 years. actor don johnson turned down an opportunity to be on the first
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oprah winfrey. >> the most important thing, you are the greatest. >> thank you. >> it is a sentiment felt by her fans from across the nation. >> what an inspiration she has been forma me, learning life skills from watching the show has impala need to be an kettleman. > -- has made me a better uncommwoman. >> she has helped a lot of people. the controversial mayors race in the district is wrapping up. today the voters will decide if mayor fenty keeps his job. a metro meltdown at the heart of brushhollow. we will tell you if the elevators and escalators are back up and running. will the weather cooperates for a day in line at the polls? will the weather cooperates for a day in line at the polls?


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